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Eco Seed Balls

Yellow Rattle box of 10 Eco Seed Balls

Yellow Rattle box of 10 Eco Seed Balls

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Eco seed balls are a sustainable alternative to planting from seed.
They are created from recycled paper and contain a mixture of flower and plant seeds. These seed balls are handcrafted with care and designed to promote biodiversity and sustainability.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, eco seed balls are also user-friendly. They eliminate the need for precise seed spacing or equipment like garden tools, making it accessible for all gardeners, regardless of their experience level. It's a simple and enjoyable way to beautify gardens, urban spaces, and other areas, while also supporting the environment.
The paper shell of the seed balls will naturally break down over time, allowing the seeds to sprout and grow into beautiful flowers and plants.

Using recycled paper to create these seed balls not only reduces waste but also helps to promote a more sustainable approach to gardening and environmental conservation. Choosing these seed balls encourages and supports local wildlife, including pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Eco seed balls contribute to a greener world and enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants at the same time.
Our seed balls, are a simple and effective way to introduce more biodiversity and beauty into our surroundings while minimizing our environmental impact.


Yellow Rattle Eco Seed Balls are purposely made to be used alongside any of our Seed Balls.
Yellow rattle has yellow, tube like flowers protruding from an inflated green calyx.
The job of yellow rattle is one of high importance. 
It is a semi-parasitic flower which feeds off the nutrients that grass and weeds need to thrive. The ingenious work of the yellow rattle weakens vigorous grasses within a meadow, therefore allowing other wildflowers to flourish.

*Important Information* - Yellow rattle must be sown in the Autumn or Winter as it requires a prolonged period of cold weather chilling to trigger its germination.  
Store your yellow rattle seed balls in the fridge until you are ready to sow them.

Autumn sown yellow rattle will germinate from late February to early March, flowering in mid June and finishing it's life cycle around July.
Sowing in Winter will produce flowering up until September.

Yellow rattle is an annual. This means they will last one flowering year.
We recommend purchasing Yellow Rattle Eco Seed Balls each year to sow in amongst your flowering meadows. Regular use of yellow rattle will give you the best chance of success and a beautiful looking thriving meadow. It really is worth adding to your flowering areas and will help give you success in the long term. 
Alternatively you can look out for the seed pods to form on your yellow rattle after the flowering season has ended. Cut your seed pods off and store in the fridge until you are ready to sow the seeds.

N.B - Your Seed Balls may vary in the colours and may not be the same colours as shown in the pictures.


    Variety - Yellow Rattle
    Box Contents - 10 x Eco Seed Balls, Planting instructions and care sheet.

    Planting times
    End of Summer - End of Autumn

    Best before
    18 months from date of purchase

    Keep in a fridge until ready for planting

    Your Eco Seed Balls may contain some or all of the following :
    Yellow Rattle

    APHA Registration
    We are licensed seed merchants, registered with APHA (The animal and plant health agency) this is a government requirement when selling or repackaging products containing seeds.
    This gives you reassurance as we are subjected to annual testing of our products, seeds, storage, premises and equipment. 
    Our license number is 7841

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